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L'atelier de Marlis

"You enter her workshop, high up on a top floor on the outskirts of Paris, as if you were entering a celestial palace..."

Marlis Ladurée

"Painting is an opportunity to free one's impressions, to receive and transmit messages as well as images from the subtle world."
From Berlin...

"The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine." David Bowie
Born in west Berlin, Marlis Ladurée studied there design and fashion illustations.


She worked a few years as a fashion stylist and illustrator between Germany, France and Spain.

... To Paris

After moving to Paris in 1978, she complete her studies at the Louvre workshops and dedicated herself to the glaze technique acquired from the great artists of Renaissance.

Main art exhibitions

"Such is this somehow out-of-the-world peaceful place where Marlis Ladurée creates her Mandalas..."

"Facing the white canvas, with the palette in my hand, I enter in a meditative state..."


Relax and Meditate

"The ceilings, walls, fabrics, even the chine and mosaïcs - the whole interior decoration - sparkle with stars..."


with Marlis Ladurée


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